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The Women in Law Summit Series
Diversity, Inclusion and Self Care Virtual Summit
“Bias & the Virus: Keeping Inclusivity Alive While Trying to Survive”

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Davis & Gilbert is a proud sponsor of The Women in Law Summit Series and its Diversity, Inclusion and Self Care Virtual Summit to be held on June 30. Jessica Golden Cortes, Davis & Gilbert, Labor & Employment Partner, and her co-presenters will speak on a panel titled “Bias & the Virus: Keeping Inclusivity Alive While Trying to Survive.”

Session Overview
We are in the midst of a pandemic and it will be a long recovery from COVID-19. Among the many issues is the reality that companies will continue to cut pay and lay more people off. Studies show that the choices they make will have a disparately negative impact on attorneys of color and women. This has far reaching consequences that go beyond the workplace. Access to good work is one thing, but the problem goes much deeper. Access to healthcare, and other vital resources, has long been in an issue. As recent events have demonstrated, we’ve reached a tipping point.

This panel will explore:

  • How this pandemic has contributed to uncovering the disparity between marginalized and privileged groups
  • How to make this an opportunity to have some difficult but necessary conversations
  • Why it is important to double down on diversity and inclusion efforts, emphasizing a commitment to those values.
  • How leadership in both law firms and companies can create a sense of community and belonging and why it is especially important during times of crisis.

Interested in Attending
We have arranged for unlimited passes for in-house counsel to this conference. If you are interested in attending, please let Carly Silverman csilverman@dglaw.com know. For more information, or to register, visit the event website.