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Network Advertising Initiative
“What You Need to Know About the New Nevada Privacy Law”

July 31, 2019

Gary A. Kibel, Davis & Gilbert Digital Media, Technology & Privacy partner, will be speaking during a webinar titled “What You Need to Know About the New Nevada Privacy Law,” hosted by the Network Advertising Initiative on July 31. This webinar is for NAI members only.

Session Overview
Nevada recently became the first state to enact CCPA-style privacy law, with SB 220 being signed into law in early June. The new law builds on the 2017 Nevada law that requires an "operator" of a website or online service that collects certain items of personally identifiable information about consumers to make available a notice containing certain information relating to the privacy of covered information collected by the operator. Although the new law is significantly narrower than the CCPA, it also goes into effect on October 1, 2019. This webinar will highlight some of the key differences between the new Nevada law and the CCPA, which will explore some of the key requirements, including the law's definitions of "sale" and "covered information," both of which will factor heavily into compliance efforts by member companies.