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American Conference Institute’s 26th National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims & Class Actions
“Compensable Time in the Modern Day Workplace”

January 28-29, 2016

Jessica Golden Cortes, Davis & Gilbert Labor & Employment Partner, will speak during a session titled “Compensable Time in the Modern Day Workplace – Defending and Managing The Latest Off-the-Clock Claims Relating to Employee Use of Blackberry’s/ Mobile Devices, BYOD Policies, Working Remotely, Booting Up/Down & Logging On/Off, and Alternative Working Arrangements” at ACI’s 26th National Forum on Wage Hour Claims and Class Actions to be held in Miami, FL.

Session Overview
Ms. Cortes and her co-panelist will discuss:

  • Latest FLSA and state wage & hour case law
  • Innovative defense strategies to claims involving uncompensated, work-related use of smartphones and other personal mobile devices by non-exempt employees outside their working hours
  • How to defeat the similarly situated requirement of the collective action certification process
  • Winning the issue of whether putative class members are similarly situated for purposes of the class and collective action certification process
  • The latest trends/developments in case law involving unpaid time for booting up/down and logging on/off your computer pre and post-shift

 For more information, or to register, visit the event website.