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Litigation Alert >> Recent Cases Highlight "Digital Assets" As A New Frontier in Estate Planning and Litigation - Alert - 05/01/2018

New York State's EPTL now includes a provision that clarifies how matters involving digital assets are handled in estate administration. The full scope of the Act’s implications has yet to play out, but digital assets will undoubtedly affect estate planning and litigation matters for years to come. While the need to plan for digital assets is clearly important, fiduciaries of estates should also be mindful of those assets in potential estate administration and litigation issues that may arise.

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Private Client Services Alert >> Estate Tax Set to Expire on New Year's Day - Alert -  12/23/2009

The federal estate tax law in effect since 2001 is set to expire on January 1, 2010. In mid-December, Congressional leaders announced they were unable to reach an agreement on a new law extending the estate tax.

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The PLI 40th Annual Estate Planning Institute: Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies - Watching the Law Develop  - Published Article -  09/14/2009

By Daniel L. Keston

This outline surveys new issues relevant to the use of family limited partnership and family limited liability company structures in sophisticated estate plans. Specifically, Part I of this outline highlights important federal and state legislative developments. Part II reviews six recent notable court decisions, all of which happen to be Tax Court memorandum decisions.

Part III of this outline presents planning techniques which take into account the impact of the legislative developments set forth in Part I or the case law developments described in Part II. Finally, Part IV looks back at the Appeals Settlement Guidelines issued in 2006 and considers whether and to what extent they are still relevant in the current planning environment.

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Private Client Services Alert >> Three Reasons Why Now Is The Time For Estate Planning - Alert -  03/06/2009

Although the current economic environment is troubling, there is one area of personal planning that could benefit tremendously from all the bad news: estate planning. This alert describes three reasons why now is a good time for everyone to review their estate planning and consider implementing certain planning techniques.

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