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9th Annual National HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo
March 16-18, 2015

Gregg A. Gilman, Davis & Gilbert Labor & Employment Co-Chair, and Alan Hahn, Benefits & Compensation Partner, will each present two sessions during the 9th Annual National HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo taking place in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Gilman will speak during a session titled “50 Legal Tips in 50 Minutes” where he and his co-presenters will present practical tips for HR professionals on hot topics such as class actions, wage and hour compliance, gender bias, social media, micro-bargaining and other critical issues in employment and labor law.

Mr. Gilman will also co-present a session titled “Mental and Chronic Health Issues – An Employer’s Responsibility?” This session will explore the legal responsibilities and practicalities of employers’ efforts to detect, address and prevent mental and chronic health issues which might manifest as depression, obesity and even workplace violence.

Mr. Hahn will speak during a session titled “ACA and Wellness: Will You Avoid the Excise Tax in 2018?” Mr. Hahn and his co-presenter, Alan Momeyer, VP HR, Loews Corporation, will discuss the next major piece of the Affordable Care Act, the 2018 “Cadillac” plan excise tax. They will review the latest legislative developments, and dissect how organizations are dealing with emerging challenges of implementation. They will offer tips on how to effectively incorporate wellness strategy and programming into your business planning so you can optimize the organizational and financial impact on your company.

Mr. Hahn will also speak during a session titled “ACA Compliance: Implementing a Cost-Effective, Compliant Legal Strategy.” Mr. Hahn and his co-presenter, Joseph L. Murgo, SVP and Chief Distribution Officer, Aetna Voluntary Plans, will discuss how under the ACA’s employer mandate, large employers must offer affordable healthcare coverage to all full-time employees or pay a hefty tax. They will review the latest regulatory guidance, as well as how businesses of all shapes and sizes have implemented the ACA employer mandate, and what they are doing to manage costs as well as address ongoing legal challenges.

Davis & Gilbert has arranged a $450 registration discount for friends of the firm. To take advantage of the promotional rate, which is good through March 2, use discount code “DG15” when registering. For more information, please visit the event website.